I.M.P.A.C.T.-ful Curriculum


We believe that children are naturally curious, active and competent learners who construct their own learning through exploratory and purposeful play. Our teachers support this process by facilitating, scaffolding, modelling and inspiring them in their learning journey. Parents are our partners, whom we actively involve and collaborate with in educating our children. We thoughtfully design our learning environment for children to explore and play while also providing them opportunities to interact with people, nature and community.


We support and educate the whole child by developing our children’s minds, hearts and hands to become life-long learners.


Bilingual Environment

We emphasize both English and Chinese teaching in our curriculum design. We customise the Chinese curriculum to be a critical and significant part of our daily programme. Children are encouraged to communicate regularly in Mandarin at our centre, so that they are confident to use Mandarin at ease in their lives. Furthermore, we teach children the historical, social and cultural context behind the Chinese language, which can arouse their interest in learning and using the language.


Integrated Learning

We develop our proprietary curriculum by integrating “play”-based teacher-guided programme with children-initiated projects under developmentally appropriate learning themes. In this way, children can be engaged to learn with fun in a well-structured context first before they are encouraged to pursue their own interests to learn with more initiative and freedom. We also adopt the best practices of internationally recognized education methods in designing our programme.


Holistic Exposure

We promote holistic education by incorporating foundational skills for children’s development and “readiness” for primary school, with selective enrichment classes to stimulate their creativity. Social, cultural and moral education is also well designed in our programme to offer children a broad world view and nurture their character. Therefore, children can learn to develop their “mind” to think and their “spirit” to live.



We use proven evaluation and assessment methods to identify the children’s interests and strengths; track and measure their development progress; and compare their learning results against our benchmark expectation. In this way, parents can be well-informed about what their children have learned and the upcoming programme at our centre in a regular and timely manner.

About Us

Raffles Kidz International is an established premium pre-school brand from Singapore. We offer bilingual inquiry-based curriculum by experienced and well-trained educators within a quality and innovative learning environment for children.

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