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About Us

Raffles Kidz International is an established premium pre-school brand from Singapore. We offer bilingual inquiry-based curriculum by experienced and well-trained educators within a quality and innovative learning environment for children.


We are committed to educate the WHOLE CHILD to have the best head start in life.


We inspire our CHILDREN to become confident, intelligent and creative learners with integrity.

We partner with our PARENTS to shape our children’s learning and development.

We support our TEACHERS to achieve professional development and work-life balance.

We contribute to our COMMUNITY to maintain family and social harmony.


Singapore Prestige
Class Award 2021/2022
Top Preschool in Singapore 2021 by Babyment
Top Preschool
in Singapore 2021
Best in Pre-School
Education 2020/2021
Most Sought After Child Care Centre 2019/2020 by Babyment
Most Sought After Child Care Centre 2019/2020
Best Preschool Award 2019 by Parents World
Best Bilingual
Pre-School 2019
Preschool Awards 2019 by Singapore Child
Best School for Building Strong Academic Foundation 2019
Mummies' Choice 2019 by Singapore's Child
Mummies' Choice
Award Winner 2019

Core Values

We hold “I-M-P-A-C-T” as core values to guide us in everything we do:


We put our children’s interest first and uphold high professional standards.


We strive for excellence and make continuous self-improvement.


We love and take pride in our work in childhood education.


We take ownership and have a strong sense of personal responsibility.


We serve our children and parents with dedication and perseverance.


We collaborate and support one another to achieve common goals.

Our Philosophy

  • Open-minded Inquirer

    Our children are inquisitive with a thirst for knowledge. They are curious learners, open to ask questions and explore. They can effectively apply what they have learnt in real life.
  • Confident Communicator

    Our children are self-assured and speak with confidence. They listen carefully, respect one another and are not afraid to express their ideas, views and needs effectively and clearly in daily situations.
  • Independent Thinker

    Our children are perceptive and can think on their feet. They are able to use their own judgement, differentiate between right and wrong, and think critically to solve different problems.
  • Creative Contributor

    Our children are innovative and can think out of the box. They know that imagination has no bounds and are willing to explore different ways of doing things better.
  • Collaborative Team Player

    Our children are team players and can also be leaders. They work well in teams during group activities and do not hesitate to take the lead.