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Our comprehensive, structured and interactive curriculum is built to develop our children’s social dispositions and help them acquire skills and knowledge.

Core Module

We equip our children and nurture their interest in the fundamental core subjects of English, Mandarin and Mathematics to prepare them for primary school.

Love for English

• Montessori Method

Math Thinker

• Montessori Method

Love for Chinese

• Love for Chinese

Inquiry Module

We teach our children critical thinking and problem-solving, and enhance their collaboration skills through team-based learning approaches.

Project Explorer (English)

• Inquiry-based Learning

Project Explorer (Chinese)

• Inquiry-based Learning

Enrichment Module

Our children enjoy a holistic curriculum that will develop their creativity and logical reasoning at the same time.

Gourmet Chef

• Inquiry-based Learning

Culture & Drama

• Role-play
• Dramatisation

Creative Artist

• Literacy-based Method

Open Play Module

Driven by individual interest, our children will learn through meaningful and purposeful play to develop their motor and social skills.

Learning Corner

• Language
• Reading
• Discovery
• Manipulative
• Arts
• Dramatic

Outdoor Fitness

• Playground
• Splish & Splash
• Obstacle Challenge