Raffles Kidz International | Best Child Care and Preschool in Singapore | Infant Care
Raffles Kidz International | Best Preschool Singapore | Infant Care

Infant Care in Singapore

(2-18 Months)

Raffles Kidz @ Jurong West (Yuan Ching) is our only child care centre in Singapore that offers full-day and half-day care programmes for infants and toddlers aged 2 to 18 months.

Quality infant care promotes long-term developmental growth and builds a strong foundation for children to thrive in school. Committed to providing the best head start for our children, our full-day and half-day infant care programmes in Singapore focus on developing the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional skills of the infant in a safe and nurturing environment. Our infants are taken care of by professional and qualified educators with a personalised care programme that is tailored to meet every infant’s preferences, routines and interests.

Raffles Kidz International | Best Child Care and Preschool in Singapore | Infant Care

Safe & Nurturing Environment

As a multi-award-winning preschool in Singapore, we provide our infants and toddlers with a variety of thoughtfully curated spaces to play, explore and rest. Our infant care centre includes child-friendly furniture and comfortable nooks for quiet interactions with our educators. In our dedicated gym area, we provide age-appropriate equipment for them to crawl through, climb on, jump off and pull up, providing opportunities to practise mobility and independence.

Raffles Kidz International | Best Child Care and Preschool in Singapore | Full Day Infant Care

Personalised Infant Care Programmes

Each child is unique. With our personalised infant care programme in Singapore, we have developed a daily schedule that is predictable yet flexible and responsive to the individual needs of our infants and toddlers. To bring a sense of comfort and safety to our children, routines and activities are planned in a similar fashion as their schedule at home and gradually modified to a consistent, group-oriented schedule as they achieve their developmental milestones.
Raffles Kidz International | Best Child Care and Preschool in Singapore | Full Day Infant Care

Attentive & Qualified Educators

To facilitate the development of strong and positive relationships with our infant educators, our educator-child ratio is at 1:3 on average here at Raffles Kidz in Singapore. This small ratio allows our infants or toddlers to receive more dedicated care and attention. It also provides our educators with more time to observe, plan and implement better activities to improve each child’s learning experience.

Our Holistic Infant Curriculum

At our infant care centre, we firmly believe in providing our little ones with the best start to their learning and development. Our holistic approach, developed by our curriculum specialists, prepares them for future preschool years in Singapore.

Raffles Kidz International | Best Child Care and Preschool in Singapore | Full Day Infant Care | Physical Development

Social, Physical & Cognitive Development

In a stimulating environment with multi-sensory experiences, our infants and toddlers go through a variety of activities that build a strong foundation for their growth and development during the early years. Motor skills are developed through repetitive actions and opportunities to explore interesting objects in their environment. Through physical experimentation, they learn using their senses which later support cognitive development. Our dedicated educators are also there every step of the way to provide purposeful interactions to build their social skills.

Raffles Kidz International | Infant Care Centre Singapore | Language Development

Language and Literacy Development

Early language and literacy skills are learned best through everyday moments. To develop important communication skills, our educators ensure meaningful interactions with our children and connect with each child by reading stories, singing songs, and teaching sign language to improve their literacy. Sign language helps infants to express basic emotions, wants and needs and is part of their curriculum to promote communication and reduce frustration.

Raffles Kidz International | Best Child Care and Preschool | Full Day Infant Care Centre Schedule

Flexible & Consistent Schedule and Routine 

At our infant care centre in Singapore, we aim to provide a schedule that is flexible but meets the needs of our children for routine and play. To explore each child’s interests, there is given time during the day to engage in open play and encourage them to be curious about the world around them. This is the time that children learn best and our educator’s role is to ensure each child is actively involved in self-learning and help them make the most out of these opportunities. For more information, feel free to book a tour and visit our infant care centre at Jurong West today.

Our Infant Care programmes are personalized and tailored to meet each infant’s preferences, routines and interests. The quality and safe environment allow infants to establish trusting relationships while engaging and building upon their understanding of the world through active exploration.

We only have infant care service at our Jurong West (Yuan Ching) centre and we have two programmes: Early Dismissal (7am-5.30pm) & Full Day (7am-7pm). Fees are before GST.

  • Early Dismissal: $2,200 
  • Full Day: $2,100

For Singaporean children, a basic subsidy of $600 is given to working mothers/single fathers who work a minimum of 56 hours per month and a subsidy of $150 for non-working mothers/single fathers.