4 Major Social Benefits Of Sending Your Child To Preschool

Raffles Kidz International | Blog | 4 Major Social Benefits Of Sending Your Child To Preschool

From babies to toddlers, children develop in a blink of an eye. Many parents often find it surprising just how fast their children grow up from being tiny newborns to active and playful children. However, while it is amazing to see them grow, it comes with plenty of new learning experiences and responsibilities.

Growing up comes with a lot of physical and mental changes. As children grow up, they have to learn how to interact and socialise with their peers. The idea of socialisation is a crucial aspect in the development of children and sending them to a preschool is highly advisable. Let us share some of the key reasons why going to a preschool is vital to your child’s social growth and development.

1. Preschool allows your child to interact with others

Positive and reciprocal interactions contribute to the best results for children. Preschool teachers often observe that children who engage in various positive social interactions grow to be healthier, happier, and more confident individuals. Social interactions from an early age aid your child in his/her emotional, psychological, and social development.

Preschool is a platform that allows children to interact with their peers and their teachers. Interacting with people of different personalities and age groups teaches them to communicate clearly, and develop a basic understanding of the needs, emotions and social cues of those around them, teaching them to behave appropriately within a group’s social setting.

2. Preschool boosts your child’s self-confidence

Confidence is a trait that is nurtured over time and is a valuable skill that serves children well into adulthood. With self-confidence, they are able to develop into competent learners and better handle new environments.  Those with lower self-confidence on the other hand, easily give up when things get tough, constantly doubting themselves and learning things at a much slower pace.

Developing your child’s self-confidence is one of the best benefits of sending your child to a preschool. Research suggests that a child’s self-confidence grows with each interaction experience. Hence, preschool becomes a valuable setting for your child to develop his/her soft skills at a developmentally-appropriate pace.

3. Preschool creates an environment for your child to share

Another key benefit for children to attend preschool is learning how to share. During the toddler years, children are still new to the concept of sharing and giving up what seems to be theirs. By immersing them in a preschool environment, children practise turn-taking and encounter frequent interactions such as sharing toys and classroom materials with their peers. This becomes an opportunity for children to develop their self-awareness and help them build trust and stronger social ties with their friends.

4. Preschool enables your child to better navigate their emotions

In preschool, children develop a better awareness of their own and their peers’ emotions. Taking time to recognise and reflect on their own feelings allows them to understand their emotions and express themselves better. In class, children interact and engage with their peers while learning how to navigate their own feelings and express their wants and needs. By having an educator who models positive ways of managing one’s feelings, children do get better at coping with their emotions such as feeling angry or sad and in turn, display fewer tantrums. 

Choose the Right Preschool for Your Child

To best support the development of your child during his/her formative years, sending him/her to a reputable childcare centre in Singapore helps ensure a great head start for your child. Raffles Kidz International is a multi-award-winning premium preschool that provides children with a bilingual inquiry-based curriculum facilitated by experienced and well-trained educators. Children will learn in a fun and safe space that promotes self-discovery and lifelong learning. Schedule a visit today to understand more about our childcare programmes in-person to ensure that we are the best fit for you and your child.

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