7 Factors To Look Out For In A Childcare Centre In Singapore

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It can be quite a dilemma and an unnerving decision when deciding on the best childcare centre for your child. With most families having both working parents, the decision to hand over the responsibility of taking care of your child to a childcare centre can be both difficult as well as uncertain, and one which needs sufficient research. However, when chosen well, a childcare centre provides many social benefits and could be an exceptional place that encourages your child to develop social skills and literacy fundamentals through an extensive range of learning opportunities.

There are many factors to consider in the best preschool that not only will nurture your child but also go well with your work-life arrangements. Hence, here are the top 7 factors you should consider during your decision-making.

1. Curriculum & Learning Goals

Every childcare centre in Singapore has its specific set of goals and approaches to the programmes they provide, be it academic or developmental. Besides helping your child to develop skills, schools can also adopt a holistic and comprehensive bilingual inquiry-based curriculum that makes learning for them engaging and fun through a variety of enrichment programmes such as culinary classes, drama classes, art and craft class, and outdoor fitness.

2. Learning Environment

The physical environment in a childcare centre is very important. Not only should it help to encourage and enhance learning for the children, but it should also be safe and secure for them to explore freely. An ideal childcare centre should provide a developmentally appropriate and safe environment that includes both indoor and outdoor spaces.

3. Meeting Your Child’s Needs

Ensuring that your child has a proper diet throughout the day is vital. A healthy diet leads to a healthy mind. Most childcare centres now come with an in-house chef who will prepare meals that are nutritious and delicious. If you are concerned about food allergies, you should also enquire how the childcare centre handles such situations.

4. School Culture & Teachers

The calibre and ability of the teachers and how they will connect with your child will be a key determining factor when deciding on a childcare centre. Observing how they interact with other children in school will help you get a clearer perspective of whether your child is able to adapt and fit into the school culture. Always make sure to check the credentials of the teachers. Childcare centres are required to be properly licensed and inspected before accepting intake. Another point to note is the ratio of students and teachers. If the centre has a low student-to-teacher ratio, it also means that your child might receive more focus and attention.

5. Fulfilling Your Expectations

Is the centre close to work or home? Is there additional transportation cost involved? Location, costs, and programme schedules are all crucial to the decision-making process. Always inquire about the registration cost, fee coverage, monthly rate and whether they provide the option of a half or full-day childcare programme. It is also vital to understand their policy for late pick-ups as well as associated fees for field trips, special events or withdrawals.

6. Reviews & Awards

Many parents do rely on online reviews and recommendations from other parents. These are often highly trusted referrals as, most of the time, parents will have first-hand experience with the childcare centre and are less likely to recommend a poor centre. Credible testimonials, be it through Google, the preschool’s website or social media, have become significantly effective. In addition, awards set the industry’s benchmark and determine the credibility and achievements of a childcare centre.

7. Your Gut Feel

Nothing beats a parent’s gut instinct about a centre designed to care for your child while you are busy at work. You will be able to sense whether the childcare centre is suitable for your child or not. One good way to assess the suitability of the childcare centre for your child is to observe their reaction as soon as they enter the centre.

Why Choose Raffles Kidz?

At Raffles Kidz, we have a variety of activities that promote discovery and exploration and structured learning, through the Montessori method. Your child will learn to make creative choices through hands-on learning, collaborative play, and self-directed activities. All our four centres in Yio Chu Kang, Bukit Panjang, Punggol, and Jurong West, are specially designed to include indoor facilities such as spacious classrooms and learning pods, as well as outdoor facilities such as water play areas, playgrounds, and bicycle tracks. 

We believe that preschool provides children with the best foundation for holistic development, including their nutritional needs. Our healthy and balanced meals are freshly made by our dedicated in-house chefs daily. Whether it be food allergies or dietary needs, our dedicated teachers are happy to collaborate with parents to provide their children with the best preschool experience. 

Since our establishment in 2014, we have won several awards such as ‘Best Preschool in Singapore’ in 2021, ‘Most Sought-After Childcare Centre’ in 2020, and ‘Best Bilingual Preschool’ in 2019. We are also fortunate to have many parents share their positive experiences with other parents through word of mouth. If you are interested in finding out if Raffles Kidz is the childcare centre you have been searching for, book a virtual tour today!

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