How to Foster Creativity & Imagination in Preschool Children

The early years in nursery and kindergarten are crucial for preschool children’s development, laying the foundation for their future. Amongst the many skills they acquire during this period, creativity and imagination stand out as vital components. 

As stated by ECDA Singapore, “the experiences that you provide for your child in early life encourage and nurture his creative development.” Here are some effective ways to foster creativity and imagination in preschool children.

Encourage Free and Unstructured Play

Free play activities are open-ended, unstructured activities that allow children to explore their interests and imagination. This could involve playing with blocks, putting on costumes, or even just using their bodies to pretend they are animals or characters in a story. Through free play, children develop important creative skills such as problem-solving, storytelling, and role-playing.

Provide a Variety of Art Materials

Art is a fantastic way for children to express their creativity. Offering materials like crayons, markers, paints, and clay without a specific end goal allows children to explore and create freely. These open-ended materials stimulate their imagination and help them learn to think outside the box. Encourage children to create freely without worrying about making mistakes. This allows them to explore different mediums and techniques, fostering their creativity and imagination.

Read Aloud Regularly

Books are windows to endless possibilities. Reading aloud to children is a wonderful way to spark their imagination. Choose books with engaging stories and vibrant illustrations. Encourage children to imagine themselves in the story and ask questions that prompt them to think creatively. Reading aloud also helps develop language skills, which are essential for expressing creative ideas.

Encourage Outdoor Exploration

Nature is a great source of inspiration for young children. Expose children to a wide range of outdoor experiences, such as nature walks, excursions to the zoo, or even just the school playground. Encourage them to observe their surroundings closely and use their imagination to create stories or artwork inspired by nature.

Create a Creative Environment

Design your space to stimulate creativity. Use bright colours and provide open-ended materials for exploration. Display children’s artwork and creations prominently to inspire them and show that their efforts are valued. You can also create a cosy reading corner with a variety of books to inspire imagination. A creative environment can inspire children to think creatively and explore their imagination.

Celebrate Creativity

Praise and celebrate your child’s creative efforts, no matter how small. This builds their confidence and encourages them to continue exploring their creativity. When praising your child’s creativity, focus on their effort and creativity rather than the final product. Acknowledge the process they went through to create something unique and encourage them to continue exploring new ideas.


In conclusion, fostering creativity and imagination in children, especially during their nursery and kindergarten years, is crucial for their overall development. By providing them with opportunities to explore, experiment, and express themselves creatively, we can help them develop into imaginative and innovative individuals.

At Raffles Kidz Singapore, we provide our children with a holistic inquiry-based learning approach that encourages them to explore their interests and express themselves freely. Our preschool has thoughtfully designed classrooms with plenty of free play corners such as a Lego wall, magnetic wall, and also a library corner in which our children can develop their creativity and imagination. Find out more about our curriculum and visit a Raffles Kidz preschool near you today! 

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