The Importance Of Good Reading Habits In The Early Years

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The first few years of childhood are incredibly crucial as it has been shown to have a significant impact on their development later on. It is why these years are dubbed the foundational years. As parents, instilling skills and nurturing talents at this age is the best way to ensure a strong foundation for your children, essentially helping them establish a solid head start in learning.

It is important for parents to help children develop their reading skills early on. Words are the building blocks of today’s society. It’s also the foundation of all education. Learning to read and write early can be very helpful. Here are a few reasons why reading helps your child’s development in many ways.

1. Helps in cognitive development

Cognitive development is gaining the ability to think and understand the world around us. It is when your brain starts to develop important connections, and this builds the foundation for everything you can potentially learn. Reading to your child or encouraging your child to read provides them with knowledge of their world and thus, allows their brain to make stronger connections between what is in the story and their own lives. As such, the more they read, the more they get to make sense of their world, assisting their cognitive development.

2. Engages interest in learning

When your child starts to read young, they can amass a greater width of knowledge and a denser vocabulary. Not only do they become better readers, but they are also able to concentrate for extended periods, which provides them with the concentration needed to learn new skills. Children who read are also known to have improved fluency and literacy skills. They can then gain a broader understanding of the world around them and engage in critical thinking. Overall, this group of children are more likely to be self-motivated in learning – especially with such a strong foundation already present.

3. Stimulates imagination and creativity

Reading opens up the mind in intriguing ways. When children start reading early, it generates curiosity and encourages creativity as it relies on the reader’s imagination to visualise characters and settings. In turn, this developed imagination leads to greater creativity as children use the ideas in their heads to guide their learning efforts.  There is also an increased scope for problem-solving and creative thinking.

4. Aids in the development of empathy

Whenever we read a book, we put ourselves in the story. We develop empathy as we experience the lives of other characters and can identify with their feelings. By empathising with other people, children can then apply this understanding to the real world. A greater understanding of emotions will also help children to understand the emotions of others as well as their own. Their social development is dramatically improved as a result.

5. Assists in academic success

Early reading allows children to grow their vocabulary and comprehension skills with exposure to new words. It also improves their concentration and boosts their memory skills as they focus on the story at hand and remember the characters, backgrounds and situations in the story. As a result, these benefits become crucial to their academic success.


Studies have shown that students who are exposed to reading before preschool are more likely to succeed in formal education. This is why the best preschools in Singapore provide a nurturing environment for daily reading. At Raffles Kidz, we believe in the importance of reading and the head start it provides for our children. Our passionate teachers encourage reading through play, inquiry-based learning, and interactive storytelling. Find out more about our holistic and comprehensive curriculum by booking a tour with us today!

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